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The instructors at Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center is proud to announce the following students have achieved advancements!

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Confidence is part of the foundation at Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center

Consistency in training instills that sense of self-assurance

It is a path that must be traveled with diligence

Sometimes the martial artist wants to stop training due to the difficult challenges they must face

Why work so hard?

Living and life are about "Bringing the best out of what each individual can be!"

Martial Arts is about determination, not taking the easy path, but persevering

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center is a place where you can be tested and to learn about creating a strong resolve

Yes, this long and arduous path is a means for the martial artist to connect to their true spirit

To most martial artist's this path's ultimate goal is representative in achieving their black belt

Believing they have reached their aperture.

But at Elite Martial Arts Center, the students learn that there is much more inside of them and they have not reached their pinnacle.

As human beings we will be tested our entire life

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center motto;

Endurance & Loyalty comes from the heart. Intensity & Technique comes from the mind and Energy comes from the soul

“You will have the courage to face any obstacle if you put your heart, mind and soul into it!”

It is amazing when a student earns their black belt and black pants are added to their uniform.

A sense of confidence is born within the student when they become a member of the Elite Black belt Club.

The Elite Master Award is given to a new black belt student who continues their training and begins mentoring

lower belt students. Thus, continuing their journey of self awakening, "To be the best they can be!

Black Belt Excellence!

Happy Birthday - 2019

The Instructors would like to wish our Elite family members a very Happy Birthday!



The staff at Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center are proud to announce monthly a student who has shown their instructors the spirit of an Elite Warrior. They display one or more of the following qualities: determination, respect, focus, discipline, control, consideration and integrity during their training at the dojo!