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Dear Students & Parents of Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center, 

     I want to explain if I mis-step in relaying any information. I am on the phone everyday with Governor Wolf's Office, PA Department of Health and various other organizations. We recently filed for grants that are being offered by Pennsylvania. This process took over 6 hours to complete. I am trying to be attentive to all the needs of our school. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems.

     Now the new scare, I spoke at length with the PA Dept. of Health. Our students do not need masks when working out at our program. It is very dangerous to work out with masks on. So, all guidelines we put into place were approve through the PA Dept. of Health. We were commended for our thoroughness!

If anyone in still concerned for their student please advise if they are interested in having their child do a Virtual Class. There will be a minimal fee for this class. If your child is attending our school and would like to do Zoom also there is no charge. This is part of their monthly tuition. As stated before, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Cindy.


Elite M.M.A. Center - Announcements  - 6/29/2020

Due to the COVID-19 Virus - Elite M.M.A. Center closed 3/16/2020 &  reopened Monday, 6/29/2020 schedule is posted below and/on Calendar with Flyers Tab. We hope all Elite Family Members are ready to start training. If you have any questions, please do not to hesitate contact Cindy...



5:30pm-6pm - Little Dragons

615pm-7pm - Youth Intermediate Class 

715pm-8pm - Adult Class 


6pm-7pm - Instructor Class/Black belt (Youth-Adult)

7pm-730pm - Virtual Class

(Class 1)  White - Blue Belt Class 

(Class 2) - Red, Green, Brown, All Black  Belts Class 

Wednesday                                                         No Scheduled Classes


530pm-6pm - Little Dragons

615pm-700pm - Youth Beginner 

715-8pm - Adult Class 



930am-10am - Little Dragon 

1015am-1100am - Youth Beginner 

1115am-1200pm - Youth Intermediate 

1215pm-1pm - Youth Black Belt/Demo 

115pm-200pm - Adult Class 

Please note: The fifteen minute interval is so instructors can sanitize mat area and equipment. We will be handing out Elite's guidelines set by Governor Wolf, CDC & PA Department of Health. Any questions please contact Cindy...

Elite Guidelines

• All Students must wear face mask’s into dojo, then they can be removed

• All Students wear Elite tee shirt, belt & uniform pants

• Students do not need mouth piece, but they can bring grappling gloves or boxing gloves to work out

• For a month we will be doing station work for classes

• Social distancing is set up on mat and seating area for parents. As long as parents are 4ft to 6ft apart they can move chairs around in dojo (maximum 50% capacity)

• Until I receive further information from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development these are the guidelines set in Pennsylvania

• Hand Sanitizer will be placed all around Dojo, during class Lysol wipes will be used to sanitize equipment 

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center!

2022 Main Street (inside Affordable Pet Center)

Northampton, PA 18067

Lehigh Valley, USA


610 440 0443

According to Pennsylvania , the instructors of Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center have the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification.

                     Thanks for visiting!

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With the arrival of 2008 brought with it the formation of Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center. A new martial arts school that teaches three ranges:

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Ground fighting

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Within the disciplines of Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Karate, Aikido, Grappling and Kickboxing.

Even though Elite M.M.A. Center is a mixed martial art, we still maintain the traditional martial arts through our advanced weapons .

Our philosophy of martial arts is to promote the warrior spirit of discipline, self-control, focus, determination, consideration and respect while bringing the values of family to the forefront. Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center is a family based school with over 25 years of martial arts experience, with which to help enrich the minds and hearts of their students.

Martial arts is not just the art of self-defense, but the ability to bring what is inside out. To develop within its students the qualities of a true Martial Artist, then to bring those attributes into everyday lives. We at Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center promise to cultivate these to create a well-rounded individual, who will have the ability to handle the challenges of each new day.

 Endurance and Loyalty comes from the heart, Intensity and Technique comes from the mind and Energy comes from the soul. 

"You will have the ability to face any obstacle if you put your heart, mind and soul into it!"

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Senior Instructor — Shihan Ralph Orobono, 8th Degree

Instructor — Sensei James Orobono, 6th Degree

Instructor — Deshi Mary Orobono, 5th Degree

Instructor - Deshi Cheyenne Rossanese, 3rd Degree

Instructor- Joshu Brieanna Jackson, 2nd Degree

Instructor - Joshu Sal Torelli, 2nd Degree

Instructor - Joshu Matt Hafner, 1st Degree

Instructor - Junior Joshu Riley Kline, 1st Degree 

Instructor - Junior Joshu Connor Kline, 1st Degree 

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W​e hope you find everything you need. ELITE M.M.A. CENTER is focused on providing high-quality service and ​customer satisfaction in the Lehigh Valley - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center

"2016 Karate Night" at the L.V. Iron Pigs


Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center has used Top Stitch Embroidery for over 10 years. Gary, the owner of Top Stitch does a terrific job embroidering names on Elite M.M.A. Center uniforms. He has also created the embroidered logo for our uniforms. "A custom embroidery business!"

Top Stitch Embroidery

4214 Mink Court

Orefield, PA 

610 530 1824

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center's - First Commercial  by SCRinK 

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center, Northampton, PA

2022 Main Street (inside Affordable Pet Center)

Northampton, PA 18067

Lehigh Valley, USA

Lincoln - prepping for his future as a martial artist @ Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center


Our youth sparring program from ages 6 to 12 years DOES NOT hit to the head when learning to spar and they do wear protective gear! Our black belts and adults use specialized gear to protect the students. Our motto: "Safety first in all our classes!" We are always available to answer any questions regarding our program. Please contact Elite Mixed Martial Arts Center or stop in to observe one of our classes.

Shihan Ralph Orobono, Senior Instructor 


Integrity walks hand and hand with the ability to defend! For one to travel with the means to protect they must have the consciousness
of honor.



Information regarding the World Karate Union Hall of Fame:

The World Karate Union also had a for tournaments during the late 1990's and early 2000's that would rate competitors for any tournaments they competed at, regardless if they were affiliated with the national promotions, which prevented great competitors from competing due to extensive traveling and expenses.

In 2009, when MMA was legalized in Pennsylvania, the WKU partnered with Central Pennsylvania Warriors Challenge and hosted an MMA cage fighting event, which was successful and held twice after.

The World Karate Union believes in giving back to the community and hosts an annual Toys for Tots Karate Tournament every year since 2011 and has raised over $20,000 in that time to give away to the charity.

In 2014, WKU co founder Kathi Tasetano passed away unexpectedly and her son, Trevor, began to operate the organization. The Kathi Tasetano Memorial Scholarship was set up to award two $500 for a boy and girl black belt in the 15-17 year old division at the WKU tournament every year since her passing.

The WKU is only as strong as its members, and continues
to grow.


2022 Main Street (inside Affordable Pet Center)

Northampton, PA 18067

Lehigh Valley, USA

[email protected] (e-mail) or [email protected]

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